Tanker and container cleaning

At the beginning of 2006, we commissioned in Brzeg Dolny our own wash for road tankers, tank containers and IBC containers, one of the most modern in Poland and the only one of its type in the Lower Silesia. The reason was the necessity of thorough washing and disinfection of tankers in specialized washes issuing appropriate cleanness certificates.

An additional service provided by the wash, and utilizing utilities supplied by GK PCC, is steaming and heating of tanks. In addition, minor repairs of drain fittings, replacement of gaskets etc. are performed in the wash.

The continuous development of the chemical sector resulted in growing demand for associated services which somehow constitute supplementation of the logistical chain. Both Polish and foreign washes which offer services at the highest level associate to be able to develop and implement the highest standards together.

In Poland, this type of organization is the Polish Association of Tank Cleaning Organisations set up in 2006 (in the same year PCC Autochem became a member). Accepting of the tanker wash by the Association is preceded by very detailed verification of essential factors such as: its quality system, applied procedures, technical resources, equipment. Maintenance of these standards is monitored in a three year long cycle during audits evaluating compliance of the current functioning of the wash with the guidelines.

The Polish Association of Tank Cleaning Organisations is a member of the European Federation of Tank Cleaning Organisations (EFTCO) the members of which are also associations from Holland, Spain, Belgium, Germany and France. For many years, this organisation has been promoting the model of a common document regarding tanker washing all over Europe – European Cleaning Document (ECD). The client receives this document as a certificate of the completed service which confirms fulfilment of international standards by the given organisation

What distinguishes the ECD certificate? Its form and structure give both the driver and the loading operator the possibility of familiarizing themselves quickly with a detailed description of the completed service. Other advantages are shown by the illustration below.


When developing the concept of the project, among many established strategic objectives, it was also assumed necessary to take into account actions minimizing the negative effect of the wash on the environment. The effect of this idea is equipping the facility with a modern effluent treatment sub-station replacing the solution functioning so far. One important element of the new sub-station is an automated sampling machine which to a considerable extent will increase the possibility of controlling the composition of produced effluents and thus will ensure faster and more effective undertaking of actions protecting the environment.