About us

Portrait of the company

For more than twenty years, PCC Autochem Sp. z o.o. has been working independently to build its brand and renders specialized services in the challenging market of liquid chemical transportation. However, the Company began to build its experience much earlier as the ‘Vehicle Transportation Firm’ (Zakład Transportu Samochodowego), functioning from early years as part of the business carried out by the Chemical Works „Rokita” S.A.

PCC Autochem was established as a separate entity in 1995, at that time rendering specialized services in the challenging market of liquid chemical transportation.

In June 2004, the name and logo of the Company were changed to PCC Autochem Sp. z o.o. Starting from that year, the first modernization of vehicles used by the company for transportation of chemicals began and it lasted for the subsequent five years.

The transportation of chemicals is inseparably connected with the necessity of thorough washing and disinfection of tankers in specialized truck washes, issuing appropriate cleanness certificates. Therefore, at the beginning of 2006, the company commissioned in Brzeg Dolny its own wash for road tankers, tank containers and IBC containers, one of the most modern in Poland and the only of its type in Lower Silesia (issuing ECD).

In 2007, the Company joined the Polish Association of Tanker Washes the objective of which is to implement European working standards, improve service quality, increase safety and environmental protection.

In 2014, in order to fulfil the growing demand for services offered by washes and meet all expectations of the clients, the decision about its expansion was made. In November the same year, PCC Autochem began to execute the intermodal project.

In the course of the last 20 years, we achieved a milestone by transforming ourselves from a company rendering services for a domestic service provider in the local market into an international carrier in the  TSL sector, having in its portfolio the biggest European chemical and petrochemical producers. This solid foundation and rich experience allow us to keep searching for new paths of development in response to changing market requirements.

The services rendered by PCC Autochem Sp. z o.o. are subject to quality control performed both inside the company and by independent certification units.