Renting the equipment

We are pleased to inform that in our portfolio we have tankers for rent designed for transportation of liquid chemicals, including ADR.

  • 1 and 3 chamber tankers

  • capacity: 32,000 – 37,000

  • weight: 7200 – 8000 kg

  • 5 manholes

  • made pursuant to L4BH code

  • working pressure 2.66 bars

  • disc brakes

  • fittings, manholes and valves supplied by Fortvale, Magyar, Perolo

  • drain valve located at the back of the vehicle in the box (for single-chamber tankers)

  • aluminium wheel rims

  • 2 storage boxes for hoses

  • ABS

  • tyres 385/65/22.5 in long distance option

  • thermal insulation of the tank

  • air system for pressure-supported unloading of products

  • system (coil) under the tank for heating the product using an external medium (water, steam

  • tool box on the side of the vehicle

  • complete ADR identification i.e. boards, frames, digits

  • complete supervision documentation of the Polish TDT (approved for transportation ADR kl. 3, 4.1, 6.1, 8, 9)

Cost of monthly lease is EUR 1800.

This amount includes the lease fee, collision, comprehensive and third party insurance, tax on transportation vehicles.

However, it does not include the costs of maintaining the vehicle, registration inspections + ADR or supervision.