Road transport

PCC Autochem provides transport services all over Europe.

We are the first Polish transportation company carrying hazardous materials which obtained ISO 9002 quality certificate for transportation of hazardous materials in domestic and international traffic, currently converted according to EN ISO 9001:2008 standard.

We specialize in transportation of hazardous liquid materials marked as classes 3, 6.1, 8, 9 based on ADR.

We carry out transportation of liquid chemicals in road tankers, capacity from 24,000 to 37,000 litres, in single and triple chamber configuration, with breakwaters.

We have high class specialized equipment. The vehicles fulfil the ecological requirements of European standards (“S”, “L” and “U”) and are equipped with GPS systems.

Drivers employed in our company are qualified employees with long term practice in domestic and international transportation. They have licences for transportation of hazardous materials and participate in training programs aimed at improving safety and environmental protection during transportation.

Thanks to the qualifications and experience of our employees, we guarantee the reliability of employees, we guarantee the reliability of services and safety of transported goods.

Please contact our office directly for more detailed information about dispatch services, fees and transport terms and conditions, and calculation of transportation costs on selected distances.