As a result of continuous development and in order to ensure the high quality of transportation services offered to the Clients, the Company, as one of the first firms in Poland transporting hazardous materials in the domestic and international market, in 2000 obtained EN ISO 9002 certificate, currently, according to the standard, changed to EN ISO 9001:2015 certificate.

In PCC Autochem, certification covers both transportation and washing services.

The system of examining and evaluation of quality and safety SQAS is a standard of the European Chemistry Industry Chamber (CEFIC) dedicated specially to companies in the logistical trade.

SQAS checks not only fulfilment of ISO 9001 requirements because its components include also elements of certification according to ISO 14001 and other systems. The catalogue of SQAS questions exhausts all valid regulations and rules regarding management of transportation and logistical services.

The test using the questionnaire ends by preparation of a report which is then published in the CEFIC website for the period of three years and by inclusion of the company in the ‘SQAS Assessed Companies’ list.